Getting started tutorial

A step by step guide to beginning your experience with TheSeoLabs :

Step 1 : Login

The first step is to log in your KGR account :

Step 2 : Home

After you have successfully logged in, the first screen you will encounter is the dashboard of your account where you can go to :

  • New Keyword Search: Enter a seed keyword, and it will generate keywords based on our data and analyze the golden ratio, you will find your keywords on the report (see below)
  • Reports : See your seached keywords and imported keywords listed here
  • Account : All informations and subscriptions informations
  • Tutorials: Knowledge base and contact

Step 3 : Search

Enter a seed keyword, your language and the method you want to use (Allintitle: OR Intitle:).

Then wait for 1/3 minutes and you will have your new report ready (refresh homepage)

Tips: Prioritize long tail keywords as a seed keyword for better results (Example : "Best air fryer recipes" is better than "Air Fryer")

Step 4 : Enter a report

The report is a simple table with these informations :

  • Keyword : the keyword analyzed
  • Volume : The volume of the keyword based on multiple data provider
  • Golden Ratio : The calculated Golden Ratio (for Allintitle:) or the number of results (For Intitle:), if it's green it's a very good keyword to target, grey an okey keyword, and red a difficult keyword
  • CPC : Cost per click for Google ads, the higher the more competitive the keyword is to run ads on, it should correlate to difficulty in the serp (lower the better)
  • AVG BL : Average backlinks the top 10 result has for this keyword in Google
  • AVG RD : Average RD the top 10 result has for this keyword in Google
  • Trend : The trend of the keyword for the last 12 month