What is kgr keyword technics ?

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a technics that could be used to identify the most simple to acquire Keywords for websites that have low or any authority.

If you've target a keyword you found with the KGR technique , then you'll be among the top 30 very quick (2-4 days) and will be climbing to the top 10 over the next few months, if the content you post is good quality, obviously.

It is the Keyword Gold Ratio is a fundamental division that is made using data. We make use of the number of "allintitle:keyword" results from Google then we divide this number by the volume of the keyword.

Doug Cunnington created the Keyword Research concept, which is commonly known as"the "Golden Ratio" and used it to huge results through his own websites.

What is kgr keyword technics ?

It is an effective way of identifying easy keywords that have volumes between 30 to 250. These keywords aren't talked often in results of searches (that's the reason we check the results of one specific keyword in Google through the command Allintitle)

TL;DR Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) :

  • Find a keyword which is relevant, and that includes an estimated monthly sum less than 250
  • Search the keyword in Google like this : "Intitle:KEYWORD", and ensure that it is not used in more than 63 titles.
  • The content you have created is top quality and includes the keywords you found in the title
  • The website has a good position in the SERPs since it's not subject to the pressure of competition.

How can you determine if a Keyword ratio is Golden ?

Keyword Golden Ratio formula ( # of allintitle results that result from Google result) /( monthly search volume).

If it is is less than 0.25 it's a fantastic phrase to look up because there isn't a large number of blogs have written on this.

Between 0.25 and 1, you should check the serp for additional indications of easy or difficult keywords like :

  • Do you know of any notable actors who have written about it?
  • Do I have the ability to create content that is better than the top three ?
  • Another excellent indicator of a term that is easily found is Reddit, Quora or another forum that ranks in the top 10 the results of a search.

If the ratio is higher than one, it's most likely not to get ranked your site for an initial time on a web site.

An example of KGR :

I'm aware that the phrase "How to clean white pair of shoes" is a huge volume 250. Using the simple "allintitle:How to clean white shoe" Google search I get 18 results.

The golden ratio for keywords to be used for searching is 18/250. 0.072

This keyword is ideal to write content about in the event of a website with low authority website or a new site in the cleaning field

What's the reason why you should make use of KGR technique ?

It is suggested to employ"golden ratio" to describe three main reasons:

  • To rank quickly for search terms, you'll keep the excitement when you launch your own website since you'll notice that your website's content will be ranked swiftly.
  • To boost the authority of your site on a particular topic to improve your credibility, you need to discover Golden Keywords related to your content on money or your main pages you want to rank higher on or write content with KGR keywords, and also create internal hyperlinks to these pages
  • Search for keywords your competition do not even think about . There isn't any competitors, which means that you can easily rank

What tool to use to find KGR keywords ?

Once you've mastered the KGR method the search for keywords that are relevant to your website or business and also the process of calculating your ratio should be simple.

It may take some time to come up with your initial checklist of keyword phrases, however the initial efforts will be rewarded in time.

It is possible to use the popular keyword tool to sort the list of keywords by the traffic volume 250 and then search manually for results in every category to find the golden ratio of keywords.

Or you can use keywordsgoldenratio.com, a tool by Theseolabs to easily find KGR keywords

Keywords: Gold Ratio Tool developed by Theseolabs

Find keywords with a simple golden ratio with our new tool for research on keywords which makes it simpler to search for KGR manually!

"Let's Go"

Questions and answers on Keywords and Keyword Golden Ratio

What is Allintitle:

Allintitle is a search operator for Google. It lets users restrict results for search to only those that contain the keyword you've defined as the topic of the website.

The dangers associated with KGR for SEO

The KGR risk is usually limited to niche topics because very few websites write on subjects that are not well-known, so that the Golden Ratio is likely to always be extremely low. However, of the 20 websites discussing similar topics most will be extremely niche and written by professional writers.

What happens if the tools used for keyword research are able to provide different numbers of searches?

Pick only 1 tool, or use keywordsgoldenratio.com by theseolabs, we aggregate search volumes from a lot of different tools and methodology !

What is the most efficient way to deal with a keyword that has an KGR of less than 0.25 and the number of searches is greater than 250.

Just discovered the super gold keyword, or the "diamond keyword ratio".
It is essential to set it as a top priority to make the best piece that makes use of this crucial phrase!

What is the main difference between these tools? KD (Keyword Difficulty) and Golden Ratio

Other tools can determine the difficulty by using backlinks to determine the Top10 The results have been shown to be incorrect by a lot of SEO.
Golden Ratio is built on the formula which utilizes Google data (number of results) to identify keywords that are not covered in any writing. It's not the best method of identifying simple keyword phrases (there always exists the chance of a false positive) but it's more precise.


Keyword Golden Ratio Keyword Gold Ratio is among the most effective SEO strategies to find easy-to-target Keywords It uses Google information , and is more precise than any other method. to determine the difficulty of a keyword determined by backlinks!

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