Find Golden Keyword opportunities !

Find keyword that are easy to rank for with keyword golden ratio at scale.

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Find keyword that are easy to rank for with keyword golden ratio at scale.

Ditch opaques keyword difficulty score by tools like Ahrefs and Semrush for KGR data that other tools don't have. That’s a valuable advantage.

Why Keyword Golden Ratio is better ?

Doug Cunnington created the Keyword Research idea known as the "Golden Ratio".

The KGR formula is a straightforward division of the total number of Allintitle results produced by Google for a search phrase by the total number of searches for that term.

KGR is one of the simplest and most direct ways to locate easy-to-rank keyword and is a proven method

2 Methods : Allintitle and Intitle

Allintitle : The basic Keyword Golden Ratio that you know

Intitle : A new competition metric based on the same principle as the Golden Ratio, but using Intitle: command instead of Allintitle (found to be more accurate than Allintitle by a lot of seo pros)

Keyword Golden Ratio Success Stories

Doug Cunnington put it into practice on his Amazon affiliate website and in just a year saw an increase in income from $450 to a mind-blowing $20,000 per month.

Growing its organic traffic from 4,000 per month in December 2015 to approximately 35,000 per month by the end of 2016 contributed to the site's success.

Doug's success with KGR inspired others to try out the strategies for themselves. In 2018, Evan S. Porter created a website from scratch utilizing the KGR technique as his main tactic.

After a year, his affiliate site generated $3,802 in monthly revenue through advertising, affiliate commissions, and the sale of expensive goods. Also, about 20,000 people visited his website.

Save 100+ hours
Save 100+ hours

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Up to date

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Boost your SEO

SEO is one of the best way to grow your business, and high-quality easy to rank for keywords are one of the key of it

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- 1200 credits total per month



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- 6 000 credits total per month
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*1 credit = 1 keyword analyzed or imported

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR), is a formula to find easy to rank for Keywords for sites with no or low authority.

If you found a KGR keyword, you should rank in the top 30 pretty fast (2-4 days) and continue to rise to top 10 easily within the next few months, if your content is good of course.

Keyword Golden Ratio is a simple data driven division, we take the number of "allintitle:keyword" results in Google and divide it by the volume of the keyword.

Doug Cunnington created the Keyword Research idea known as the "Golden Ratio" and used it with great success on his own websites.

How Does the Ratio Actually Work?

The ratio work by targeting keywords with volume between 30 and 250 that are less written for in the serps (that's why we check the number of result for a keyword in Google with the Allintitle command)

TL;DR Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) :

  •  You discover a relevant keyword with an average monthly volume of less than 250  
  •  Search for the keyword to ensure that it has less than 63 allintitle results.  
  •  Your creates quality content using the keyword you found in the title  
  •  The content ranks highly in the SERPs since it is not subject to any competition.  

How is Keyword Golden Ratio calculated?

Keyword Golden Ratio formula : ( # of allintitle results from a Google search) /( monthly search volume).

If the result is less than 0.25 its a really good keyword to target because not a lot of other blog has written about it.

Between 0.25 and 1 you should mannualy check the serp to see other signs of easy or difficult keywords like these :

  • Does any big players has written about it
  • Can i write better content than the Top 3 ?
  • Another good sign of an easy keyword is Reddit, Quora or another forum being in the top 10.

If the ratio is more than 1, it's probably too hard to rank for a new website.

Example of KGR :

I know that the keyword "How to clean a white shoes" has a volume of 250, and with a simple "allintitle:How to clean a white shoes" search on google i see 18 results.

The keyword golden ratio for the keyword is 18/250 = 0.072

So this keyword is great to write content on if i have a low authority or new website in the cleaning niche :

Why Use the KGR Method

You should use the keyword golden ratio for three main reasons :

  • To find easy to rank for keywords, you will keep the motivation high with your new website as you will see articles rank fast.
  • To boost your topical authority on a given topic, find Golden Keywords related to your money posts or main pages you want to boost ranking, write articles with KGR keywords and do internal link to these pages
  • Target keywords your competitors doesn't even consider, no competition = easy ranking

How to Find Golden Keywords

Once you've mastered the KGR method, searching for the most relevant keywords to your website or business in addition to calculating your ratio will become quite simple.

It may take a long time to make your initial list of keywords but this work in the beginning will be worth it over time.

You can use popular keywords tool, filter the list by traffic for <250 volumes and then manually search for each allintitle result number to calculate the keyword golden ratio.

Or you can use, a tool by Theseolabs to easily find KGR keywords

FAQs about the Keyword Golden Ratio

What is Allintitle:

Allintitle is in essence an Google search engine that allow the user to narrow search results to only those that contain the particular keyword you've chosen in the title of the page.

Risks of KGR for SEO

The risk of KGR is mainly very niche subjects, because not a lot of people write about obscure topic so the Golden Ratio will always be low, but out of the 20 websites talking about a specific keyword, a lot of them are gonna be very niched and great written content by experts

What if keyword research tools have different search volumes?

Pick only 1 tool, or use by theseolabs, we aggregate search volumes from a lot of different tools and methodology !

What about a keyword with a KGR under 0.25, but the search volume is over 250.

You have just found a a super golden keyword, or a "diamond keyword ratio".
It should be a top priority to craft a masterpiece to target this keyword !

What is the diffence between other tools KD (Keyword Difficulty) and Golden Ratio

Most other tools calculate the Difficulty based on backlinks for the Top10, it's found to be not accurate by a lot of SEO.
Golden Ratio is based on a formula using Google data (number of results) to find keywords that no one write about. It's not a 100% technique to find easy keywords (there is always false positive), but its more accurate


The Keyword Golden Ratio is one of the best SEO techniques to find easy to target Keywords, it use Google data and is more accurate than any other tool Keyword Difficulty witch is based on Backlinks !